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Technology Used in Our Filters

Water Filters

Ceramic pots will be made with local clay and temper materials to create filters. The organic temper of an inner pot will be burned off, leaving micropores to filter water of bacteria and other contaminants, while an outer pot will collect clean water. Latest tests show 100% coliform bacterial elimination.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver will be included in filter materials or painted on finished pots to provide an anti-bacterial coating, increasing efficacy of the filters.

High Efficiency Stoves

Two concentric ceramic pots are used in these stoves to maximize target heating, reducing the amount of fuel needed to quickly heat water or other cooking materials. The stoves will be targeted at resource-scarce areas such as refugee camps. The technology, developed by Dr. Frank Weichman, Professor Emeritus in physics at the University of Alberta, will also be adapted in Canada with stainless steel for backpackers and others as a sustainable option for travel cooking power.

Portable Water Testing Laboratory

The portable test for microbiological and physicochemical tests allows for analysis of fecal and total coliform, pH, turbidity, as well as chlorine (free/total/combined) in urban environments.

Compacted Briquettes

To increase fuel efficiency and sustainability of stoves and kilns used for pot-making, compacted briquettes of agricultural biproducts such as manure and compost. These briquettes burn longer and hotter than equivalents in coal and wood and reduce the use of scarce resources.

Open Panel

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