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You are all invited to the 3rd Annual Winter Gala fundraiser!

Time: Friday, February 11 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Location: University of Alberta Faculty Club, 11435 Saskatchewan Drive, Edmonton, AB

This night will feature distinguished speakers including Alberta Deputy Minister of International Relations Mr. Paul Whittaker, and University of Alberta Dean of Medicine and Dentistry Dr. Phillip Baker. It will also include an update of the project, great performances, and even a tasting of water filtered by the ceramic filters themselves!

To purchase your tickets, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call Ling Ling at (780) 278-7780, stating the number of tickets you require and any dietary restrictions.

Tickets are $80/ticket before December 11 and then $100/ticket before February 1.

All proceeds will go toward our efforts in Kenya, especially in the areas of production and marketing, to bring clean drinking water to as many people as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets before they are all gone! Visit our website,http://www.kenyanceramics.org/index.php, to see how else you can contribute to the project.

For more info, please contact Jessica Hogan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and or 780-267-8110!


The operation in Kenya has been progressing well over the past several months. After the return of our last operator, Alastair Fraser, we decided to maintain a period without a North American operator, and to leave the running of the project to our local employees.

One of the important additions to the KCP team has been Robert Tewo, our General Manager, who works closely under the CEO, Joshua Machinga. The factory itself is also entirely run by Kenyan employees, including three labourers and a Production Manager.

During the past few months, we have seen some pretty significant landmarks achieved, including a filter factory with a mechanized production process that is entirely in Kenyan hands. We’ve also seen our first batch of filters sold to a local partner, AMPATH, who will test the filters independently and distribute them to local communities.

We were able to distribute a small batch of filters to local women’s groups and families in the Kiminini area before the end of the summer, and have been following up with health surveys and assessment of the educational protocol that we implemented when distributing the filters.

The next frontier for the KCP is the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing rollout plan. We have very capable minds developing a marketing strategy in Canada, which will soon be implemented on the ground in Kenya by our local workforce. Target customers will include local shop owners, supermarkets, and interested families in the Kitale/Kiminini area.

On the horizon, we are looking toward two major developments. First, the construction of a new factory building which will serve as a temporary storage and sterile testing facility. Second, we hope to send a new team of volunteers in May, led by our upcoming operator Grant Crawford, which will help implement the marketing plan and strive to make the project sustainable, with a steady consumer base and reliable production and testing process.

We’ve come a long way, but there is still much to be done. Look for more exciting updates to come soon!



MSA Ventures is a brand new granting body within the Medical Students’ Association at the University of Alberta. It was started this year, with the goal being to promote and highlight the leadership, vision, and innovation of University of Alberta medical students on the local, national, and global stages.

In its first year, MSA Ventures granted $15,00 to worthy ideas and projects from medical students, of which the Kenya Ceramic Project was chosen as one of the marquee grants, at $3500. The criteria for the grant were as follows: an idea, experience, or ambition with the aim of inspiring action and perseverance in the fields of health and science research, innovation, arts and entertainment, which engages our school and our community, and/or motivates others to take steps towards academic, social, political, and personal change.

The Kenya Ceramic Project is honored to accept this award and looks forward to presenting at the MSA Ventures Symposium in April! Best of luck to the MSA Ventures team in the coming years!










Every year, the Kenya Ceramics Project runs a charity banquet called the Winter Gala where we have a series of great speakers, good food, and a silent auction. It is one of the major fundraisers of the year. Here we see a picture of last year's banquet organizers, Jess and Vickie. The night was a success, thanks to all those who helped out or came out!

This year we are once again hosting a banquet in support of the project. Please check back soon for more details!


Great strides were made for the Kenya Ceramic Project (KCP) this past summer as two medical students from the University of Alberta, Subir Sutradhar and Serena Cheung, spent two months in Western Kenya. The team worked closely with Joshua Machinga, local director of a community-based organization named Common Ground for Africa (CGA). The KCP is constructing its new, high-output ceramic filter factory at the CGA site in the village of Kiminini. This site provides great access to necessary resources, major trade centers, and distribution networks. This should translate into the filters being produced, transported, and sold at a very low cost.


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