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The operation in Kenya has been progressing well over the past several months. After the return of our last operator, Alastair Fraser, we decided to maintain a period without a North American operator, and to leave the running of the project to our local employees.

One of the important additions to the KCP team has been Robert Tewo, our General Manager, who works closely under the CEO, Joshua Machinga. The factory itself is also entirely run by Kenyan employees, including three labourers and a Production Manager.

During the past few months, we have seen some pretty significant landmarks achieved, including a filter factory with a mechanized production process that is entirely in Kenyan hands. We’ve also seen our first batch of filters sold to a local partner, AMPATH, who will test the filters independently and distribute them to local communities.

We were able to distribute a small batch of filters to local women’s groups and families in the Kiminini area before the end of the summer, and have been following up with health surveys and assessment of the educational protocol that we implemented when distributing the filters.

The next frontier for the KCP is the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing rollout plan. We have very capable minds developing a marketing strategy in Canada, which will soon be implemented on the ground in Kenya by our local workforce. Target customers will include local shop owners, supermarkets, and interested families in the Kitale/Kiminini area.

On the horizon, we are looking toward two major developments. First, the construction of a new factory building which will serve as a temporary storage and sterile testing facility. Second, we hope to send a new team of volunteers in May, led by our upcoming operator Grant Crawford, which will help implement the marketing plan and strive to make the project sustainable, with a steady consumer base and reliable production and testing process.

We’ve come a long way, but there is still much to be done. Look for more exciting updates to come soon!


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